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Register Your Assets with the Notification Service

As an owner/operator of utilities and a stakeholder in the Damage Prevention Process, you have an obligation to support utility safety. This includes providing relevant information to anyone who may come in contact with a utility, so that they can operate safely.

The basic premises of an effective Damage Prevention Process are:

  1. All operators of buried or overhead utilities are registered with Utility Safety Partners’ notification service
  2. Always “Click Before You Dig”

There are many benefits to registering your assets with the Utility Safety Partners notification service:

  • Reduction in buried utility damages and overhead powerline contacts and their consequences.
  • Demonstration of due diligence and responsible ownership.
  • Opportunity to standardize methods and procedures.
  • Reduction in administration costs and more efficient scheduling of locators.
  • Protection and records in case of disputes, claims or lawsuits.
  • Enhanced cooperation among owners/operators of buried and overhead utilities toward the achievement of common goals.
  • Increased public awareness of the inherent dangers in disturbing the ground and the need to “Click Before You Dig”.
  • Economies of scale and consistency of messages in advertising, promotional items, and public awareness programs.

The Registration Process

  • Complete and submit the Membership Questionnaire.
  • Utility Safety Partners will send you a service agreement package for review
  • Return completed documents to Utility Safety Partners for execution.
  • Provide asset location data for import into the Utility Safety Partners database.
  • Utility Safety Partners will import your data into the system and will send you a request to verify its accuracy.
  • Once you have verified the data is accurate, select a “Go Live” date to start receiving locate request notifications.

For more information please email our Member Services Team.