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June 2022

Advanced Tips for Requesting a Locate Online
(recorded webinar training)

Watch our recorded webinar at any time for tips and tricks when navigating the website to enter locate requests online.

If you are looking for help with one area of the online request form, try one of the links below:

00:28 – Ticket History

01:26 – Promote Ticket

02:00Troubleshooting Unexpected Issues

02:20 – LLD Formatting

02:55 – Urban sizing in “Rural” areas

03:52 – Mapping around city boundaries

04:51 – Mapping around provincial boundaries

05:47 – Rural Intersection searches

07:01 – No image here / GPS

07:43 – No imagery here / LLD

08:25Secondary Mapping Sources

08:33 – Spin2 (finding L/B/P in Alberta)

10:54 – ISC (finding L/B/P & River lots in SK)

12:20 – Interactive Maps

13:35Mobile Site Troubleshooting

13:46 – Login Overlap

14:10 – Positive Response

13:30 – Website navigation

15:17 – Missing Features (LLD / GPS Search / Measurement)

15:52 – Missing Features (Ticket Cancel / Ticket Edit / Ticket Relocate)

The Hole You Dig: Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong

The Hole You Dig: The Real Cost of Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong is an online course developed by Safety in Schools which focuses on the widespread impact that digging gone wrong can have on the surrounding community, residents and businesses.

The course was originally developed for a high school audience and released to high school users in August 2017, however the course material is appropriate for adults as well and is now available online.

This course was sponsored by Alberta Labour through an Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Innovation and Engagement Grant, and developed with support and technical assistance from Utility Safety Partners.