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Damaging a buried utility is dangerous for the workers involved and can deprive homes and businesses of essential services. Each year, damage to underground infrastructure costs Albertans an estimated $350 million. To ensure the safety of our workers, protect the integrity of our buried utility network, and to preserve our essential services, Alberta needs damage prevention legislation.

Support Damage Prevention Legislation

Provincial damage prevention legislation was tabled in the Alberta Legislature in 2019 but did not pass third reading due to the provincial election that year. With our Government Relations Contractor, Concentric Public Affairs, and our new Government Relations Committee, we are preparing to re-table legislation.

If you are a Utility Safety Partners member and wish to get involved in the damage prevention legislation initiative, please send an email to with “Government Relations Committee” in the subject line.

Draft Legislation Request for Comments

Over the next 30 calendar days. Utility Safety Partners is requesting your comments on its Draft Damage Prevention Legislation for Alberta.

Please download the Public Comments Form, enter your comments, and return the completed form to All comments will be reviewed by the USP Government Relations Committee, and a second version of the draft legislation will be posted to this website for an additional 30-day comment period. Once comments have been considered on the second version, the third and final version of the legislation will be presented to the UCP government.